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Prabhuji Haldiram - Mouth Watering Dishes Every Restaurant Must Serve in Holi

Mouth Watering Dishes Every Restaurant Must Serve in Holi

28 Feb 2018


Celebrated with a lot of fervor, it is one of the most significant spring festivals of the country. Frisky colours, water guns, the cool spring breeze, and vibrant spirits complete the quintessence of Holi. Holi is all about fun, revelry, and mouth-watering delicacies.

Your restaurant can be the best place to let your customers celebrate this awesome festival in a more spirited way. Let’s look at an array of yummy treats that the restaurant offers making the celebration tempting and appealing.


Holi Special Sweets Restaurants Must Serve

Holi Special Sweets:

1.   Gujiyas/ Gujias: Treat your customers to this half-moon shaped mouthwatering delicacy, filled with a grated and roasted mixture of dry fruits. An ideal sweet dish for traditional celebrations, it is the most ordered dish at Prabhuji Haldiram Restaurant, Kolkata. (Oh, and if after returning back, the buyers still cannot forget the heavenly taste, make a suggestion to order it online! )

2.    Malpua: The Indian twist to pancakes, they are soft and fluffy, with crispy outer edges. It can be served either with Rabri and dry fruits or simply dipped in yummy sugary syrup. The mouth-watering sweetmeat is common on all order receipts of restaurants.

3.    Kesar Laddoos: These delicious sphere-shaped-sweets (kesar laddu) are one of the most popular types in the world of Laddus. Added with the goodness of almonds, pistachios, cardamom and, kesar, it is the perfect sweet to go with the grandeur of Indian festivities. These delectables are the most ordered at Prabhuji Haldiram Restaurant and if your customers want to share the goodness with their loved ones: Simple, ask them to order online!


The Holi Special Snacks Restaurants Mostly Offer

Holi Special Snacks:

1.    Dahi Vada: The most loved Indian gastronomical delight, it includes lentil dumplings which are dunked in creamy whipped yogurt topped with spicy and sweet chutneys. For every customer ordering this, it is a bliss.

2.    Papri Chat: A popular traditional fast food, it is crunchy, tangy and the best starter before a sumptuous Holi dinner or Lunch. A divine concoction of mashed potatoes, spices, chutneys, thin-crispy papdis and sprouts, no child has ever said no to this.

3.    Mini SamosaEvery restaurant may have a different recipe of preparing this dish, but it still remains every foodie’s first love. This deep-fried packet of potatoes and peas wrapped in a kneaded dough is an absolute riot.

4.    Aloo-Puri: A perfect breakfast option, it is just the right food before you march onto smearing colour on your loved ones or when you return after winning the colour battle with your friends.


Drinks Restaurants Should Offer During Holi

Holi Special Beverages:

1.    Thandai: A summer coolant is a mix of milk, almonds, rose petals and spices and is undeniably delicious. Also known as Sardai, it plays an integral part of the festival of colours or Holi. A healthy drink it is a universal favourite among all restaurant regulars. Check the Haldiram Thandai Recipe HERE.

2.    Rose SyrupThe fragrance of delicate rose petals added to a glass of mocktails is intoxicating and appetizing. An ideal drink, after long hours of playing Holi, it simply uplifts the customer’s mood making them ordermore.


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