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Prabhuji Haldiram - 5 Must Have Bengali Sweets You Must Try - Prabhuji Haldiram

5 Must Have Bengali Sweets You Must Try - Prabhuji Haldiram

04 Apr 2018


Known for their rich culture, tradition and heavenly cuisine, Bengalis have always come across as the most sophisticated group of people with a great taste in music, literature, films, and sweets. Especially when it comes to sweet, Bengalis are known to romance the best sweets from the land of traditional Indian sweets. Hence, Bengalis take a great pride in their choice of Misti or Bengali sweets which are quite popular across the globe. For a Bengali, a meal is quite incomplete without the quintessential Bengali sweet at the end of each meal. Every Bengali keeps some space in their stomach to gobble down Misti. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you will surely fall in love with these delicacies.

Thinking about the emotion and the attachment the Bengalis carry for their set of Misti or sweets, Prabhuji Haldiram has come up with a range of lip-smacking Bengali sweets like Prabhuji Rasgulla, Kesar Rajbhog, Sandesh, ghee laddu, etc. which can be purchased online. Hence, we have listed 5 such Bengali sweets that one must try from the house of Prabhuji Haldiram.

5 Mouth Watering Bengali Misti/Sweets Worth Trying


Order Prabhuji Rasgulla Online

Make your taste buds ready for a royal burst of sweetness with Prabhuji Rasgulla in your mouth. These soft, round and spongy Bengali sweets soaked in sugar syrup when popped in the mouth, will not only melt your heart but your tongue altogether. Of course, your calorie intake will increase leaps and bounds, but you’ll hardly bother to care about it. Rossogolla is not just a mere sweet for the Bengalis but is an emotion on the whole.

It is made from the best quality chena or cottage cheese and has created a lot of sweet memories since time immemorial.


Darbesh Laddu

Darbesh Laddu Online

Yet another palatable Misti or sweet coming from the Bengali culture is the Darbesh Laddu. 'Dorbesh' or Darbesh Laddu is considered to be the twin brother of Boondi Laddu but look wise as they taste entirely different. Darbesh Laddu is made of Khowa or Mawa along with Boondi which adds the twist to this classic Bengali sweet. While Darbesh Laddu is available in most of the sweet-shops in Bengal, for those Bengali souls staying out of Bengal can easily buy Darbesh Laddu Online from Prabhuji Haldiram online store.


Ghee Laddu

Kolkata Special Ghee Laddu Online

Bengalis are quite high on adding ghee to their food, be it in the freshly steamed rice with mashed potato or in their sweets. With ghee laddu adding to the list of Bengali sweets, be prepared to get lost in the world of pure ghee with every bite of this sweet. This heavenly Bengali sweet is made of saffron, pistachios, almonds, cashews, and raisins apart from besan, ghee, and milk. Purchase Haldiram ghee laddu to experience the pure essence of this sweet.

You can also gift a box of Haldiram ghee laddu to your relatives and friends during any festive season.



Order Sandesh Online

What is the world of Bengali sweetmeat without the presence of Sandesh? This is yet another great discovery that the Bengalis have made and added to their list of sweets or misti. Sandesh is primarily made of cottage cheese mixed with sugar and milk that makes it a perfect dessert at the end of every Bengali meal. Plus, this sweet is super versatile as it can be mixed with chocolate, cheesecake, saffron, pistachios or any other fruity flavour (mango, orange, strawberry, etc.) to add a twist to the taste of this palatable sweet.


Kesar Rajbhog

Kesar Rajbhog Prabhuji Haldiram

If you have a big-time sweet tooth and those mid-sized white spongy Rossogollas fail to quench your thirst for sweets, Kesar Rajbhog will surely do the work! Rajbhog is another royal Bengali sweet which looks quite like Rossogolla but bigger in size. Kesar Rajbhog is made of fresh paneer, saffron and stuffed with mix dry fruit.

They are soaked in a sugar syrup and tastes best when served chilled.

So, those were our list of top 5 Bengali sweets that one must try from Prabhuji Haldiram which is a land of traditional Indian sweets. The sweets are packed with utmost care which prevents them from any spoilage during transit and they come in moisture free packaging. Hence, now you can gift your friends and relatives box of Prabhuji Haldiram traditional Indian sweets during any occasion to create some sweet memories together.