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Prabhuji Haldiram - A Yummy Guide on What to Eat and Drink in Holi 2018

A Yummy Guide on What to Eat and Drink in Holi 2018

23 Feb 2018


Every festival in India is celebrated with much zest and zeal. Frisky colours, water guns, the cool spring breeze, and vibrant spirits complete the quintessence of Holi. While it is a symbolic celebration of good over evil, in literal sense this festival is a battle between guilty pleasures and dieting.  Well, it’s Holi guys, pause, play and enjoy!

Holi 2018 is around the corner, and the Indian traditional foods make us go weak in our knees There is no befitting finale to our meal than the irresistible sweets and the crunchy snacks. So let’s embark on a journey of yummy and scrumptious festive food.


The king of Holi sweets, this deep-fried sweet dumpling is made using maida and a delightful mixture of khoya and dry fruits. This sinful delicacy is popular among all households during the carnival of colours.
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Dry Fruit Chandrakala:

Another Holi favourite, This moon shaped delectable with the addition of Desi Ghee, cardamom, almond, cashew, and nutmeg will definitely make you the best host for Holi 2018. The flavourful sweetmeat also makes the best Holi gift for your loved ones.


Ghee Patisa is an aromatic sweet dish made from layers of wafer-thin ingredients such as gram, flour, glucose and chopped pistachios that instantly dissolve in your mouth. The flavor explosion may hit as hard as the guilt, but it is sure enough to make your taste buds cheer this Holi!


Prabhuji Bhujia

A comfort snack for all ages, “The great taste of Bhujia” not only satisfies your taste buds, but is sure to start a war among siblings and friends. The traditional spices are a total riot, making your Holi 2018 as crunchy and crazy as it can be.

Mini Samosa:


The most demanded snack in India-- unlike the traditional samosas including potatoes and peas, this bite-sized version is stuffed with gram, dry fruits, and other flavoured spices. No one can simply stop at one bite!


This natural coolant is synonymous with Holi and why not! One of the best alternatives to aerated drinks, Thandai is an ideal combination of milk, dry fruits, and traditional spices. The drink makes you calm and cools off body temperature especially when the mercury is rising at full vigor. Also, if you are blessed with culinary skills and love spending time with spices and vegetables, we would love to help you with the Thandai recipe. Check out the quick recipe, and surprise your guest with the special vintage drink.

India’s cuisine is as varied and colourful as its people. Every few kilometers the food changes according to local customs and tastes, but what remains same is the overwhelming Indian spices and the presence of sweet delights in every corner.
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