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Prabhuji Haldiram - Best Gift Packs from Haldiram to Celebrate Mother's Day

Best Gift Packs from Haldiram to Celebrate Mother's Day

08 May 2018


It is believed that since God is unable to reach everywhere, they have made 'Mothers' that is one of the best gifts a child is born with. Though, most of the time us children tend to quarrel with our mothers and sometimes even forget to take care of them, mothers never forget to put up a smile on our face, even if it requires sacrificing their own happiness. Hence, this Mother's Day take a step to put that same smile on your mother's face because our mothers are the 'Wonder Woman' in the real world.

Celebrate Mother's Day 2018 with Haldiram

This year, celebrate Mother's Day with Prabhuji Haldiram gift box and let your mother know her importance in your life. Let your Mother's Day gift 2018 be super special with Prabhuji Haldiram gift pack which contains a mixture of sweet and savoury items. Plus, for all those 'busy-bee' children who do not have enough time to visit Prabhuji Haldiram stores, you can buy Prabhuji Haldiram gift packs online from their exclusive online store as well.

With that being said, here are some of the best gift packs from the house of Prabhuji Haldiram that will make it for a perfect Mother's Day gift, 2108.


Prabhuji Haldiram Gift Packs for your Mother

1. Fantastic Four Box :

Haldiram's Fantastic Four Gift Box

In India, sweet is considered to be the most auspicious element to celebrate any occasion successfully. Gift the wonder woman of your life with the Fantastic Four Box on this Mother's Day to celebrate the moment on a sweet note. This Prabhuji Haldiram gift box is perfect for mothers who are always craving for sweets. The box consists of mouth melting spongy Rossogolla, semi-solid tongue enticing Karachi Halwai, Besan Laddu with oodles of ghee and the flavoursome Gulab Jamun.

2. Bandhan :

Haldiram Bandhan Gift Pack Online

While some mothers love indulging in traditional Indian sweets, for the modern mothers, sweets must also be contemporary. Gift your mother the Bandhan gift box from the house of Prabhuji Haldiram. Let your mother relish the goodness of dry fruits along with the sumptuous taste of cream rolls as she will gorge on the cashew and almonds of Choco Bite and Froot Bite. Get this Prabhuji Haldiram gift pack online to avail some great offers.

3. Namkeen Mazza Box :

Haldiram Gift Pack - Namkeen Mazza Box

Is your mother not fond of sweets? Or maybe the doctor has strictly advised her not to eat sweets? Well, Prabhuji Haldiram has a perfect solution for these mothers as well. Gift your mother the Namkeen Mazza Box that will make for a perfect Mother's Day gift, 2018. Allow your mother to munch on some lip-smacking dry Indian snacks like Bhujia, Badam Lachha, Chat Pata and Makai Mixture during her favourite chai time.

4. Sweet & Salty Mazza :

Sweet and Salty - Haldiram Gift Pack Online1

This Prabhuji Haldiram gift box is the perfect fusion of elaichi, milk, salt, and butter to create the ultimate Mother's Day gift, 2018. The box contains Rossogolla, Badam Lachha, Elaichi Soan Papdi and Bake Bite that will put up a gorgeous smile on your mother's face with every bite of each item.

5. Tea Time Snacks Box :

Tea Time Snacks - Haldiram Gift Pack

When it comes to some gupshup (chatting) session, mothers do it like a Pro. Thus, a gift box (Tea Time Snacks Box) filled with Chai Puri, Bake Bite, Baked Khari, Cha Chips, Mini Samosa and Punjabi Tadka is what will surprise your mother on this Mother's Day. Present her this Prabhuji Haldiram gift box that will act as the perfect companion during her precious tea-time session.

Mothers are special and every mother is different. Hence, Prabhuji Haldiram has something for each mother that will make your mother smile ear to ear on this Mother's Day, 2018. They are affordable and every child will find it easy to buy from their pocket money as well. You can also buy such Prabhuji Haldiram gift packs online and receive some great discounts on your purchase.

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Here’s wishing all the mothers a very happy Mother’s Day, 2018!