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Prabhuji Haldiram - Best Prabhuji Snacks You Can Order Online

Best Prabhuji Snacks You Can Order Online

06 Mar 2018


Snack Attack or Namkeen Attack in India is an age-old war, which the wise men and women have now given up fighting against. Reason: Resistance from body, mind, and soul. Just like the Christmas tree lights up your house resembling the venue of an awards show perfectly similarly the presence of crunchy snacks in your kitchen lights up your life even brighter! You just won’t stop at one!

Prabhuji’s assorted range of Namkeen like Bhujia, Khatta Meetha Mixture, Bhakarwadi, to name a few, aims to bring the best of Indian savories! These crunchy, crispy and low cholesterol delights made of high-quality ingredients flavoured in a blend of handpicked traditional spices are not only the perfect companion for your tea time but are also a great gifting option during the festive season.

Let’s check out some of our favourites:

1. Prabhuji Bhujia:


It’s midnight, you have the most important presentation to present the next morning, and the nervousness is consuming all the carbs you just had for dinner! In the dark hours of distress, when the immature cook within you remembers the wise words of your mom, the only Indian dry snack that comes as a savior and shines as an armor is “The Great Taste of Bhujia “  The crunchiest snack, Prabhuji Bhujia is  seasoned with rich spices, the flavours and aroma make up for the best midnight-snack experience. Buy Prabhuji Bhujia Online here.

2. Halka Fulka Mixture:

Prabhuji Halka Fulka Mixture

A light snack, perfect for passing your time on long commutes, it is a well-loved snack for any time (read: all time) munching. Irresistible much, Prabhuji Haldiram also cares about your calorie counts, and the Halka Fulka mixture thus comes in convenient sizes to satisfy your hunger pangs. The best part, when your stock tally falls below the allowable limit: Order them online!

3. Dry Fruit Mixture: 

Haldiram Dry Fruit Mixture

A crunchy delight with lentils, grams, cashews, raisins, and corn as the primary ingredient, Haldiram Dry Fruit Mixture is the most healthy namkeen you will come across. The nutritional goodness of kaju with a spicy touch makes it the most popular snack among Indian families. Oh, and Prabhuji also offers cashback of 4% on every product and shipping charges are on them if you order beyond INR 600. How about we call it a legit deal online!

4. Mini Samosa:

mini-samosa-Prabhuji Haldiram

Keep a pack of Haldiram mini samosas ready for the times when guests drop in unexpectedly! This bite-sized version of the most popular snack in India is made of wheat flour with a stuffing of green gram, cashew, raisins mixed with chilies, sugar, and other spices. A twist to the traditional samosas, Prabhuji Mini Samosa is a perfect bliss for teatime. Also, for next the tea-time party, simply order online in bulk and did we say, first time buyers enjoy 5% off on orders above INR 600!

Prabhuji Haldiram is in vogue during the festive season, as they stock the best traditional delicacies in the city. Speaking of traditional delicacies, their exclusive range of Dry Fruits Mazza Boxes and trendy packs of mouth watering sweets will make you miss the trimmed waistline.

Trust us and indulge in our favourite munchies now! #HappyMunching