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Prabhuji Haldiram - Blend Of Sweets With Monsoon

Blend Of Sweets With Monsoon

30 Jun 2017


Can you believe your favourite season is here? Monsoon is finally here? No Doubt, the weather has gradually changed. Clouds are rolling out bursting in the hues of joyous rain. The mercury level has dropped, excitement level has increased, the essence of beauty and fragrance can be felt around and finally our appetite for good food has flown to a new tangent. Guys, do you have a sweet tooth? If yes then I have an exciting surprise for you. Read on to get swayed in to the tempting taste of preferable monsoon sweets and desserts which you must guzzle this monsoon.

Anjeer Kachori:

When it comes to traditional Indian monsoon snacks, Anjeer Kachori ranks the first. Anjeer Kachori is considered the monsoon cult favourite. Prepared with self-raising flour, the Anjeer blended along with raisin, dates and cashew gives a delicious feel of happiness. This monsoon grab on delicious Anjeer Kachori from the house of Prabhuji and relish the flavour.

Dry Fruits Chandrakala:

The essence and feel of the month of monsoon is incomplete without gulping in the mouth-watering flavours of Haldiram’s dry fruits Chandrakala. The addition of desi ghee, cardamom, nutmeg, mace, almonds and cashews gives an aromatic taste to it. Dry Fruits Chandrakala with a blend of dry fruits is a rescuer for monsoon.

Milk Kalakand:

The lip smacking and tasty delicacy of Rajasthan is a perfect monsoon boaster capable of making your mood joyful. This rainy do not forget to embark in to the tasteful delight of Milk Kalakand. Relish the joyful taste of Milk Kalakand with warm beverage this monsoon.

Khajur Barfi:

Bolstering the taste and flavours of rich dry fruits like almonds, pista, nuts and dates, Khajur Barfi promises to serve delectable flavours of happiness deluged in amazing taste of dry fruits. This monsoon be sure to indulge in rich flavours of khajur Barfi.

Gulab Jamun:

No specific dessert in India can match the amazing taste and traditional flavours of Gulab Jamun. Warm, sweet, spongy dipped in sugary syrup of deluged happiness, Gulab Jamun is the perfect sweet capable of making your monsoon days relishable and happy. Sweet and tender, Gulab Jamun easily melts in mouth. Haldiram’s Gulab Jamun is the perfect sweet to opt for this monsoon. Wrap yourself up, stay at your bed, relish the breezy feel of the monsoon, miss your office, swift in your mobile device and order the taste of happiness.

So, guys it is easier for you now. You don’t need to step out of the home this monsoon to enjoy the rich feel of any of the sweets listed above. You can simply book sweets online from the website of Haldiram’s Prabhuji. Just order it at the click of your finger and relish the flavours of monsoon sweets at home.