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Prabhuji Haldiram - Buy Kolkata Special Laddu and Namkeen in Festive Season

Buy Kolkata Special Laddu and Namkeen in Festive Season

14 Feb 2018


No Celebration in India is complete without a touch of traditional sweets and pop show of crunchy snacks. Just like the rangolis adorn the entrance of your house, snacks and sweets form an integral part of the festival processions. With the boom of E-commerce, buying gifts for loved ones has become all the more convenient.

Haldiram Kolkata online accepts bulk orders for snacks, offering amazing discounts on the same-- A Legit deal for all corporate and house parties. Tok Jhal Mishti, Khatta Meetha, Ratlami Sev, Murukku, are the ace favourite of the Indian society when you buy namkeen online. A new entry to the infinite list of crunchy goods is Puffed bites: taking the legacy of Prabhuji in the snacks industry to magnanimous levels. With the right blend of traditional spices, it simply entices your taste buds leaving your guests asking for more! (Order in bulk, so that you can save enough for yourself too: Sharing is caring!)

Prabhuji Haldiram is in vogue during the festive season, as they stock the best traditional delicacies in the city. Presence of the laddus, the saffron delights, is now considered a ritual for all festivities. Prabhuji Haldiram’s laddu prices in Kolkata covers festive discounts and offers, giving the perfect gift to the customers and a reason to smile more.

Let’s explore the variety of delectable laddus Haldiram offers:

Ghee laddu:

Kolkata Special Ghee Laddu

Prepared with the rich flavour of Ghee, this saffron delicacy is a customary sweet at rituals and festivities. The best example for ‘Melt-in-your-mouth’ dessert.

Darbesh Laddu:

Darbesh Laddu

These Bengali Laddus is a local favourite, injecting sweetness instantly into family gatherings and celebrations.

Kesar Laddu:

Haldiram Kesar Laddu

Added with the goodness of almonds, pistachios, cardamom and, kesar, it is the perfect sweet to go with the grandeur of Indian festivities.

Kanpuri Laddu:

Kanpuri Laddu

These delicious sphere shaped sweets are one of the most popular types in the world of Laddus. Often served at religious locations they are nothing but pure indulgence.

Also, there are other Indian sweets which are available for online orders and gifting like Rosogulla, Soan Papdi, Kachori Anjeer, to name a few.
The joy of festivals and celebrations only amplifies with buying sweets and snacks and sending them to your loved ones. Prabhuji Haldiram Kolkata online store believes in the same and leaves you craving for more.