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Prabhuji Haldiram - Celebrate Women's Day with Prabhuji Snacks and Sweets

Celebrate Women's Day with Prabhuji Snacks and Sweets

08 Mar 2018



International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality.
All day, every day, around the world - progress is being made by women, for women. Individuals and groups are promoting concerted awareness worldwide, providing the women around the world their overdue respect. From awareness raising to grassroots activity to high-impact campaigns, gender parity is being forged.

On this occasion, when we celebrate the power of women, let’s treat them to the divine pleasures of traditional sweets and snacks. When we say traditional delicacies—there is an infinite list to choose from. Since we care about you so much, we have listed down few delights, that women in our lives cannot live without.

womens day with Prabhuji Haldiram sweets

Let’s look at an array of sugary treats that Prabhuji Haldiram offers making the celebration of Women’s Day quintessentially sweet.

1. Gujiyas:

gujia sweet online

Holi just went by, and you must have had enough of this during various Holi parties you attended! But don’t you dream about these semi-circle moon shaped delectables anymore? A sweet dumpling filled with khoya and dry-fruit, get your super-women a trendy pack of Prabhuji Haldiram Gujiya sweets.

An ideal sweet dish for all celebrations, Prabhuji’s Gujia is sure to spread smile and happiness. 

(Prabhuji Haldiram offers an array of sugary treats that will add the perfect amount of sweetness to your celebrations.)

2. Kaju Barfi:

Prabhuji Kaju Barfi

Satiate your sweet cravings and pamper your soul with Prabhuji’s Kaju Barfi. A triangular bliss, it is a perfect concoction of Cashews and mawa. Binge on the king of sweets and simply add the perfect sweetness to every woman's life!

(Guys—they deserve it! )

3. Rosogulla/ Rasgulla:

Prabhuji Rasgulla

Your taste buds would cheer the loudest, even though your calories would protest when you taste the Rassgullas. The irresistible, soft and extra spongy, Bengali sweet is the bestseller of Prabhuji Haldiram Kolkata.

Also, you can customize your “Rossogolla Handis” according to your requirements without having to spend exorbitantly. Empower women with this mouthwatering sweetmeat now!

4. Bhujia:

Prabhuji Bhujia

Prabhuji’s “The Great Taste of Bhujia” is the only thing that has the power to control chaos at home! The crunchiest Prabhuji namkeen and a cult favourite, all fights with mom, disagreements with wives and girlfriends, can rest in peace with this perfect snack.

Oh! and with your sisters, simply share Haldiram’s Bhujia pack: You have a full chance of being spared from her complaints to dad!

5. Khatta Meetha:


The perfect balance of flavours, that’s a joy for any palate! This sweet & sour mixture is made from a high-quality assortment of gram pulses, lentils, flaked rice, and so on. Tea time with your ‘Female Mains’ just got better with your favourite Khatta Meetha mix.

6. Halka-Fulka Mixture:

A crunchy mix of traditional spices, peanuts, lentils, flaked rice, it is a lightweight snack by Prabhuji Haldiram. It is definitely irresistible and since we care about your calorie count too, we also have small, convenient sizes to satisfy your hunger pangs, without messing with your diet plans!

P.S.: Gifting a healthy snack for all beautiful ladies in your life, will only sugar coat your life with life-long contentment.

Prabhuji Haldiram is one such sweet destination, which creates an ecstatic experience for all dessert lovers and never settles down for anything less. Prabhuji Haldiram sweets come in moisture free packaging to sustain longer, thus solving the problem of spoilage due to late deliveries. Entice your taste-buds by ordering from Prabhuji Haldiram online and go for bulk orders, because these irresistible sweets will not let you stop at one!


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