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Prabhuji Haldiram - Get Refreshed by Best Quality Prabhuji Namkeen Bhujia

Get Refreshed by Best Quality Prabhuji Namkeen Bhujia

21 Mar 2018


Bhujia is made all over India, so what is so special about Prabhuji Haldiram Bhujia?

Small pieces of crunchy strands, Haldiram Bhujia are made with choicest gram flour and moth pulse flour batter, golden fried and mixed with meticulously selected traditional spices and aromatic seasoning. The crispiness, long shelf life and trendy packaging make Haldiram Bhujia all the more enticing and exotic.

The job of the “bhujia ustads” in the workshop is literally a baptism by fire, but gradually they become the master of the art and voila! The Great Taste of Bhujia is ready to be taken home!

The fervor of festivals, the grandeur of marriage functions, the excitement of traditional celebrations are all incomplete without the crunchiness of Prabhuji Bhujia. We assure you that it tastes better than all the other bhujias in the bhujia bazaar! Indians are known for culinary magic and food-creativity.

The master-makers of Prabhuji Bhujia belong to the category and thus have introduced 5 types of the crunchy snacks.

1. Prabhuji Bhujia: 

Prabhuji Bhujia

Looking for festive gifts for loved ones?

Prabhuji  Bhujia is the best gift you could come across. The crunchiest snack seasoned with rich spices, they are available in airtight trendy packaging, which not only preserves flavours and aroma, but strengthens relations with loved ones. The classic snack from Bikaner, Prabhuji Bhujia has stood the test of time adding a delicious twist to our daily life.

2. Aloo Bhujia:

Aloo Bhujia Online

A popular variant of the good old Bhujia, this delectable appetizer is moderately spiced and beautifully packed! Made from potatoes and gram flours, these crispy strands are a great tea time snack and an even better accomplice with Indian starters.

3. Olive Oil Bhujia:

Olive Oil Bhujia

The guilt of extra kgs or the excitement of opening your favourite namkeen: Difficult choice but Prabhuji cares for you!

A quintessential balance of taste and health, Prabhuji’s Olive Oil Bhujia is the perfect pick. And, if you are not in good terms with your health-conscious best friend currently, you know what to order instantly.

4. Falahari Bhujia:

Falari Bhujia from Prabhuji Haldiram

All this while we thought fasting means sacrificing delicious food for a day! But someone in Haldiram’s kitchen heard our cry and put their talents to work, to give us Falhari Bhujia! Making our tough day happier, this twist to the original bhujia has made us embrace the joy of fasting. Prepared diligently with Sendha Namak you can simply feast while fasting.

5. Boondi Bhujia: 

Boondi Bhujia

One of the most exciting innovations from the kitchenette of Prabhuji Haldiram, this crunchy snack (Boondi Bhujia) made from moth pulses and gram flour is an all-time favourite of a 6-year old child to a 70-year old super-child. The happiness enriched in every bite does not let you stop at just one.

Reflecting the taste of Indian culture, it not only is a perfect tea time snack to binge on but holds all qualities of perking up a boring meal.


1. Adding bhujia in between the slices of bread and butter: Your child’s tiffin will never return full.

2. Sprinkling Bhujia on the regular Aloo ki Subji: Your family will never complain and ask for a new vegetable.

3. Add the crunchy strands of delectable bhujia to Dahi Vada or Papri Chat, and enjoy the love and compliments you earn from the surprise visits of loved ones.

4. Sprinkle bhujia on the not so good looking sabji made by your children, the first time, and give them the opportunity to be a part of the good cook group.


Prabhuji Bhujia is an emotion, a nostalgic memory or simply put: The best stress buster! Happy or sad, sober or mad- simply get hold of the pack and relish in the goodness of this traditional snack.

Oh, and all this is available online at amazing discounts and offer! Check out and order your favourite pack today from the variety of Bhujia offered by Prabhuji Haldiram.