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Prabhuji Haldiram - Healthy Ramadan Meal Plan

Healthy Ramadan Meal Plan

05 Jun 2017


At the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are strictly required to abstain from eating food or drinking water between sunrise to sunset. At this time of the month, it might be a challenging task to imbibe proper nutrients, thereby, scrolling up the chances for health risk.

However, during Ramadan, it is necessary to eat healthily to enable yourself to last throughout the day. The month of Ramadan provides huge opportunities to break the chains of bad eating habits. The food we consume outside fasting hours is relevantly crucial to our health. To completely benefit from fasting, you must put a great deal of thought into the quantity and healthy type of food that you consume throughout Ramadan.

The diet must constitute of a simple meal. Here, we have jotted down Healthy Ramadan Meal Plan. Read through and follow it to keep the Ramzan month healthy and happy. 


Pre-dawn meal

Sehri, the pre-dawn meal must encompass a wholesome course of a meal that bestows long lasting energy throughout the day. Foods that enable full-fledged long lasting energy are high fibre diet and complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates comprise of foods that are efficiently rich in energy. For instance, whole wheat, oats, beans and rice are rich in carbohydrates and indeed should be taken at sehri.

For pre-dawn meal, Laccha in the diet is generally included because it is highly rich in fibres and carbohydrate. The consumption of Laccha keeps the stomach full for long, thereby making the fast easy. Sewai is a little sweeter form of complex carbohydrate prepared along with rich dry fruits to keep the stomach full for long.

Best quality Sevai and Laccha must be opted for Ramzan. To make your Ramzan healthy and enjoyable bang on Haldiram’s Prabhuji Products. Prabhuji has come up with distinct varieties of Lachha and Sevai to cater the needs of the consumers. For healthy, nutritious Ramadan fast purchase Prabhuji’s wide range of Lachha and Sevai that includes Resham E Lachha, Shahi Lachha, Milk Lachha Bucket, Lachha Bucket, Prabhuji Milk Lachha and Lachha (Pouch).


Post-dusk meal

It is necessary for Muslims to break their fast that is aftaari with dates, fruits, sherbet, thandai and water. Consuming the food that is rich in vitamins and minerals helps to restore sugar and salt levels, thereby rehydrating the body. Consumption of dates and fruits have their own set of benefits. Consumption of such food makes the digestion easier, decreases the excess feeling of hunger thereby preventing overeating, prepares the stomach to receive food after a long gap thereby restoring the nutrients. Spike on Haldiram’s Prabhuji Sherbet and Thandai for fresh and relishing feel. Prabhuji’s Sherbet and Thandai is available in distinct flavors like Rose, Khus, Badam, Kesar and Orange. 

Intake of balanced food and fluid is highly necessary for the course of time when you are not fasting that is between sunset to sunrise. Embark the diet with ample quantities of vitamins, nutrients, salt and water which is vitally important for the body during Ramadan time. Make sure that you fill your stomach with complex carbohydrate and fiber before opting for a long fast and break your fast with food that contains high quantity of nutrients, minerals and water.