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Prabhuji Haldiram - Kolkata Special Bengali Sweets You Should Buy Online

Kolkata Special Bengali Sweets You Should Buy Online

29 Mar 2018


Desserts are the highlight of every Indian dining table, and without that sweet kick, everything seems incomplete. The most awaited moment for all foodies is the entry of that mouth-watering sweet dish at the end of every meal.  How many times have you heard, "I am saving space for dessert"? Especially when your universe revolves around the aroma of Kolkata special sweets, and you cannot help yourself from going on a guilt trip to the world of Bengali delicacies. There is a constant urge inside all of us to make our lives sweet as hell! However the same is not always possible, but a joyful life can be enjoyed now and then, with treating ourselves to the delicacies from the legendary online sweet-meat stores.

Creating an ecstatic experience Prabhuji Haldiram has represented traditional sweets and snacks in true spirit and for decades have been a cradle for delectable sweets. Prabhuji’s delicacies promise to stay in your hearts forever and the list of these Kolkata special Bengali sweets is far from being complete, however, we have streamlined and shortlisted the most demanded sweets online below:


1. Rasgulla/ Rossogolla: 


Prabhuji Rasgulla

The round, white, spongy mishti, soaked in sugar syrup is a favorite among all Bengalis . Your taste buds would cheer the loudest, even though your calories would protest when you taste this Bengali iconic sweet, leaving you craving for more. Rossogolla is not a dessert, it is a ceremony that Prabhuji celebrates with great pomp and show. Have a look at the trendy pack of Prabhuji Rossogulla.


2. Kaju Barfi: 


Kaju Barfi Online

A Mouthwatering blend of cashews, milk and sugar, it is definitely the king of all traditional sweets online. The silver foil is the perfect ingredient which highlights the beauty and delicious taste of the sweetmeat. With trendy packaging and amazing deals, it only acts as a catalyst in making any normal day-- special. With the online order of Kaju sweets, gifting and celebrations have become all the more convenient.


3. Darbesh Laddu: 


Bengali Darbesh Laddu

A classic Bengali delectable, it is similar to the traditional Boondi laddu, but are they really same? Darbesh Laddu contains Mawa and Boondi, which gives it a unique twist as compared to its lookalike. This Kolkata special sweet is sure to win over the hearts of your loved ones as this is the most sought after festive-gift.


4. Milk Kalakand: 


Milk Kalakand - Traditional Sweets

Originally from Rajasthan, the talented chefs in Kolkata added their own look and feel to it converting it into the most loved Bengali sweet. As light as it can be, this enticing dessert, Milk Kalakand simply melts in your mouth and the creamy texture loaded with dry fruits will not let you stop at just one. With a list of offers and cash backs,

Prabhuji Haldiram gives another reason to the buyers to order and indulge in the discounted price list.


5. Ghee laddu: 


Ghee Laddu - Kolkata Special Traditional Sweets

Bite into the heavenly taste of Haldiram Prabhuji Ghee Laddu, enriched with saffron, pistachios, almonds, cashews, and raisins. This box of pure indulgence is perfect for gifting purpose, especially during Navratri and Gangaur festivals and you can also order these Haldiram Ghee laddus online.

Being an avid carrier of traditional taste, you can get the original Kolkata traditional sweet online, delivered right to your doorsteps, by Prabhuji Haldiram. They come in moisture free packaging to sustain longer, thus solving the problem of spoilage during transit deliveries.

Create sweet memories by ordering your favourite traditional sweets online at a discounted price list.

P.S.: There are various assorted boxes of Haldiram sweet available online: to cater to the mood and taste of everyone in your family—finally, everyone will have their own say!