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Prabhuji Haldiram - Mango Kesar Kulfi

Mango Kesar Kulfi

08 Jun 2018


500ml- Milk
1.5 cup- Sugar
2 tbsp- Cream
A few strands of saffron (Kesar)
1 and ¼ Cup- Mango Pulp
2 tbsp- Pistachio
8- Kulfi moulds
8- Ice Cream Sticks


Heat milk in a wide pan and bring to a boil.
In a small bowl, keep aside 1-2 tbsp of the boiled milk and add the saffron strands to it.
Now, reduce the larger quantity of milk on a medium flame, stirring it occasionally to prevent burning. The trick to perfect kulfi is stirring milk evenly.
Add the soaked saffron to the reducing milk, stiring all the while and reduce to half. Add the sugar and cream, and cook it for another 1-2 minutes.
After reducing the milk, let it cool down completely.
After it cools down, add mango pulp and pistachios and pour into kulfi moulds.
Set the moulds in the freezer for two hours. After two hours take them out, insert ice cream sticks into each of the kulfi moulds.
Let it set for another four hours and serve.