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Prabhuji Haldiram - Particular Sweets Prepared Mostly During Festivals in India

Particular Sweets Prepared Mostly During Festivals in India

14 Mar 2018


Every festival in India is celebrated with much zest and zeal. From Pool Parties on Holi to Cards night on Diwali, to your “Mohalla Dandiya Utsav”:

Festivals are the reason to let loose and dance like no one’s watching. From North India to South India, everyone has their own version of celebrating the festivities, but one thing that binds them together is the traditional sweets.

traditional Indian Sweets

There is a parade of assorted sweet boxes covering half of your drawing room right before any festival or celebration. Without sending at least a quarter kg of delectable sweets to your families and friends, the spirit of festivities seems incomplete. The festive pile of yellow, orange, white and green sweets, with some snowy shreds of coconut, crunchy cashews and pistachios, a shimmering silver leaf is a culinary climax of every festival.

Prabhuji Haldiram is the perfect association which shares your responsibility and allows you to enjoy a carefree and stress-free social carnival. To give you a glimpse of the range of Haldiram Prabhuji Sweets packs specially prepared during festivals and offered online:

1. Gujiya:

This deep-fried sweet recipe is world famous and is made across India with a regional twist. Filled with a roasted mixture of Dry fruits, it is the ideal sweet dish for traditional Indian celebrations. The royal sweet of Holi, Prabhuji Haldiram helps you add a sweet punch to your Holi celebrations, by making the trendy packs of Haldiram Gujia available online.

2. Ghee laddu:

Bite into the heavenly taste of Haldiram Prabhuji Ghee Laddu, enriched with saffron, pistachios, almonds, cashews, and raisins. This box of pure indulgence is perfect for gifting purpose, especially during Navratri and Gangaur festivals and you can also order these laddus online.

3. Rasgulla:

You are surely going on a guilt-trip when you inhale the ambrosial scent of the exquisite Prabhuji Rossogolla. Sweet-heart of the Bengalis, this delicacy is the “go to” sweetmeat if you are doubtful about experimenting with sweets. No one can say no to the white spongy Rasgullas!

4. Kaju Barfi:

A lip-smacking combination of cashews and mawa, gifting Kaju Barfi sweet can never backfire as it epitomizes the true spirit of Indian festivals. The trendy packs of Kaju barfi makes it the most popular gift during festivals like Diwali, Bengali New Year, Raksha Bandhan, Holi and so on.

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There is also Sheer Khurma and Dry Fruit Chandrakala, that you find in most households during Id. This festival, keep sharing these devilishly good sweet packs and relish the sweet encounters of life.