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Quick Snacks Online

04 Sep 2017


Fresh from the house of Haldiram’s Prabhuji, we present to you a wide range of authentic Indian readymade easy snacks. This haldiram snack is sure to make you clamber on to more as it is considered the best healthy snacks which is available on the haldiram online portal.  With the variety that would leave you rendered for more, haldiram snack is a perfect companion for all those times and memories that are everlasting. Therefore, just grab the perfect pack of quick snack and watch the good times roll out with haldiram snack.

Very well cited by a learned man, “There is no diet that would do what gulping some healthy and easy snacks would do”. It is ascertained that eating between meals is bad. But studies have revealed that snacking in between meals is an effective way to add essential nutrients to diet. This habit indeed assists to prevent overeating and helps to maintain the right body shape and weight. The best health benefit of gulping quick snack and namkeens between meals is twofold. Firstly, it assists to keep the metabolism of the up for greater fat burning. Thereafter when one goes for more than few hours without eating, it generally tends to lower the metabolism function of the body thereby conserving the calories rather than burning them. Secondly, eating easy snacks which are light offered by haldiram online portal, assist to untimely prevent hunger pangs that generally become a cause of overeating later.

Haldiram snack is considered the best healthy snacks that serve the above-mentioned purpose. If you are someone who thinks a lot before eating in between meals, then it is time for you to change for better health. Go for light, filling and readymade snacks available on the haldiram online portal.

Here, we present the list of healthy haldiram snack options which you must add to your daily diet for healthy living.

Lime Chilli Peanut

Lime Chilli Peanut Online

The all-time classic peanuts are tossed in the exciting flavours of lime and chilli blended well with spices and other condiments. Lime Chilli Peanut calls for a perfect accompaniment to your evening tea and chit chat with friends and family. This quick snack calls for a perfect mood.

Nimbu Pudina Peanut

Nimbu Pudina Peanut Online

The evergreen roasted peanuts blended well with the exciting flavoursof nimbu and mint is meant for a spiced up non-stop journey. Avail the quick snack from the haldiram online portal.

Bhel Jar

Bhel Muri Online

India’s one of the best healthy snacks, now is available in a jar! Prepared with puffed rice, peanuts, fried pulses, sev and tangy spices, bhel jar calls for a healthy haldiram snack for Indian household.

Chai Puri

Chai Puri Online

Chai Puri is made with wheat flour mixed and blended well with red chillies, sesame seed and spics that gives it a light and spicy flavour which goes best with a cup of tea. Try this unique haldiram snack by ordering from the haldiram online portal.

Mini Samosa

Mini Samosa Online

Always remember to keep a pack of Haldiram mini samosa ready for times when guests drop in unexpectedly. This bite sized version of quick snack is made with wheat flour stuffed with green gram, cashew, raisins mixed with chillies, sugar and other spices. This delicious haldiram snack is sure to be an instant hit.

Haldiram’s Prabhuji brings forth best offers during festive season. Prabhuji exhibits a wide range of quick snacks like chana chips, murruku, makai mixture, nimki and mathi. Therefore, why wait? Buy now the quick snacks online from Haldiram’s Prabhuji.