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Prabhuji Haldiram - Essence Of After Meal Dessert

Essence Of After Meal Dessert

27 Jun 2017


Do you know how it feels like after having a stomach filling dinner? Don’t you get the possible feeling to gulp one more bite of anything? Anything sweet, light and relishing to satiate for the missing bite. Even though you are thoroughly stuffed, you practically need to satiate your craving with a piece of milk chocolate barfi, rasgulla or better slice of chocolate cake.

Haldiram's Milk Chocolate BarfiPrabhuji RossogollaHaldiram's Chocolate Cake

Why do people crave for sweets after dinner?

We crave to have something sweet after meals depending on varied lifestyle-related reasons. Scientifically, having something sweet after dinner helps to boost your mood and mind.

Generally, we indians gulp heavy diet rich in carbohydrate that causes the blood sugar level to rise and then again drop after dinner. Our body crave for the same high substitute again enabling us to look for something sweet and sugary.

If your personal diet is low in fat, that means you put great load of strain on body causing the insulin to resist. The restricted diet does not allow the sugar constitute to be carried effectively  throughout the body. This particular stress on the body leads to an increase in the need for sugar.

Due to psychological conditioning also you might feel the need to have something after meals. The instinct desire to improve your mood by guzzling sugar can act as one of the factors that calls the craving alive. Gulping sweet snacks increase the production of happy hormones in your body. Sweets act as a final constitute that rounds up a finished meal to give the feeling of completeness.

The age old tradition to eat dessert after meal is followed by many cultures across the world. The delectable sweet dish served at the end of meal denotes the feeling of completion of the meal and also creates a sense of satisfaction within you. Apart from endowing cultural importance and factor of satisfaction, a dessert can offer a variety of health benefits.  A healthy and enjoyable dessert helps to aid digestion, adds essential fibres and vitamins to diet, boost immunity, reduces blood pressure level, balances hormones, lowers LDL cholesterol level (bad cholesterol), improves HDL cholesterol level (good cholesterol) and also acts as antidepressant.

To make your dessert joyous, Haldiram’s Prabhuji has brought to you relishing sweets, snacks and cakes which you can purchase online. Buy sweets online from Haldiram’s Prabhuji and enjoy your traditional taste of happiness after meal.