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Prabhuji Haldiram - Special Sweets for Buddha Purnima from Prabhuji Haldiram

Special Sweets for Buddha Purnima from Prabhuji Haldiram

24 Apr 2018


Known to be a land of festivals, India is one such country where each festival is celebrated with a lot of fervour and grandeur that inevitably gives us goosebumps. Welcome Buddha Purnima on 30th May 2018, to celebrate the birth of Lord Buddha. This auspicious day is considered to be one of the most special days for the Buddhist sect, whereby they celebrate this day by worshipping Lord Buddha, lighting candles, and offering sweets. The festival is largely celebrated in Gaya and Kushinagar.

With that being said, it is a known fact that any Indian festival is incomplete without gorging on some traditional Indian sweets. Get ready to celebrate Buddha Purnima 2018 with Prabhuji Haldiram sweets that will bring out the essence of the festival the ‘sweet way’. Prabhuji Haldiram has an array of sweets for each festival in India which completes the celebration of any festival. Be it Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi or even Buddha Purnima, they have the perfect sweets that will suit the mood of each festival. Not just that, if you do not have the adequate time to visit the stores, you can also buy Prabhuji Haldiram sweets online and get your hands filled with a plethora of offers which are exclusively available in their online store.

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Celebrate Buddha Purnima with these Sweets!


With Buddha Purnima knocking at the door, we have picked these sweets for you that you must try on this auspicious day to appease your sweet tooth royally. 


Milk Kesar Barfi :


Experience the essence of melting with Prabhuji Haldiram Milk Kesar Barfi, which is a perfect blend of sweet and savoury. The sweet brings out the goodness of almond, cardamom, pistachio and the delicious aroma of Kesar when popped in the mouth. Made of best quality ingredients, see yourself getting carried away with the rich taste of this sweet on this Buddha Purnima day.


Milk Kalakand :


The Milk Kalakand mithai from the house Prabhuji Haldiram is a perfect blend of milk, sugar, and khowa which brings to you a smooth melt-in-mouth texture. To double up the essence of the sweet, it is bestowed with cardamom, almond, and pistachio which will add a burst of flavour in your mouth that will melt your heart and soul altogether.


Milk Pista Barfi :


Any festive season turns out to be a gala time for the kids.

With that in mind, Prabhuji Haldiram came up with rich, chewy and flavoursome sweet, the Milk Pista Barfi which is perfect to appease the taste buds of the kids. It has the nutritional value of pistachio, almonds, and cardamom backed up by a lip-smacking taste which makes this sweet perfect for the kids. Of course, even the adults can gorge on one or two!

Those were some of the best traditional Indian sweets with which you can celebrate Buddha Purnima from the house of Prabhuji Haldiram sweets. You can also browse through their online store to buy Prabhuji Haldiram sweets online.

Greet your close ones on this auspicious day with some great sweets and shower love on them to experience the essence of the festival from within.