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Prabhuji Haldiram - Sunheri Bhujia Paratha

Sunheri Bhujia Paratha

27 Aug 2016


1 ball -Soft atta dough 1 tbsp Haldiram’s Bhujia 1 pinch of Red Chili powder 1 pinch of Coriander Powder 1 pinch ofChat Masala 1 pinch of Garam Masala 1 pinch of Salt 1 tsp oil


1.Roll out the ball of dough into a small circle. 2.Mix the bhujia with all the other spices. 3.Place the filling in the center. 4.Fold the roti from all ends in the center and seal well. 5.Roll out gently to medium thickness, ensuring that the sides don’t tear. 6. Cook on tawa/non-stick pan, using oil till well done.