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Prabhuji Haldiram - Top 8 Bengali Sweets

Top 8 Bengali Sweets

16 Jun 2017


Known for rich culture, tradition and Bengali sweets, Bengali crowd are the most sophisticated class who have romanced the best side of life, be it literature or films, music or cuisine.  Amongst other things like Satyajit Ray, Tagore and Victoria Memorial, Bongs take great deal of pride in their selection for Bengali Mishti. Bengal sweets not only form an integral part of Bengali cuisine but are also popularly liked and praised by people of all age groups across the country.

When it comes to relishing Bengal sweets whether you have a sweet tooth or not it hardly matters. One look at these enticingly delicious Bengali mithai will melt your heart and taste buds. Moreover, you must be happy to know you can buy sweets online from Haldiram Prabhuji’s Online Store.

Prabhuji Haldiram Darbesh Ladoo

Darbesh Ladoo :

Made of tiny besan boondi and rice flour, Darbesh Ladoo are made in most of Bengali households and relished by all. Moreover, if you crave for Darbesh ladoo real - bad then you can buy sweets online


Rasgulla :

The spongy soft sweet little balls of Bengali mithai, soaked in sugary syruPrabhuji Haldiram Rasgullap is a delicious icon of Bengal. May you be a Bengali or not, I bet you will not be able to resist tasty feel Rasgulla!



Sandesh, the most popular Bengali mithai is made of Channa, sugar and gur. Sandesh is one of the traditional sweets of Bengal with minimum ingredient that contributes the best flavours.


Rasmalai :

Rasmalai, a Bengali delicacy is popular among sweet lovers. Flattened chenna balls are cooked for long in sugar syrup and then dipped in sweetened thick condensed milk.


Mishti Doi :

Mishti Doi is among the most delicious Bengal sweets enjoyed by the Bengali. This light and sweet blended yogurt coarse mixed with brown sugar is left to ferment overnight. Mishti Doi, marks all Bengali celebration and auspicious occasions. This delicate delicacy acts as an elegant dessert that makes your taste buds relish the flavour of happiness. You can now buy these Bengali sweets online to fulfil your instant craving.


Kalu Jaam :Prabhuji Haldiram Gulab Jamun

Kala Jamun or Kalo Jaam is often known as Gulab Jamun’s younger sibling. Kalu Jaam is made of paneer and khoya. Bengalis have grown up having Kalu Jaam’s and therefore it can be purchased online. 


Malai Chom Chom :

A soft lovely golden-brown hue and a rich texture makes Malai Chom Chom an unforgettable Bengali mithai. Made of chenna with a hint of kesar, it tastes best when served chilled. Malai Chom Chom is one of the best appreciated traditional sweets that enhances the taste of Bengal.


Mohan Bhog :

Lovers of traditional Bengali sweets cannot resist from gulping this rich, delicious sugary sweet that acts as a fabulous treat for various traditional Bengali occasions. Mohan Bhog is a semolina based Bengali Mithai that marks the beginning and end of celebration.


Lobongo Latika :

Any occasion or traditional festival is incomplete without Lobongo Latika. A heavenly traditional Bengali sweet, Lobongo Latika is made with maida, khoya. nutmeg powder, ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamom, cloves and coconut blended well sugar.