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Prabhuji Haldiram - Universe and Craziness of Bengali Sweets in Kolkata

Universe and Craziness of Bengali Sweets in Kolkata

05 Feb 2018


The highpoint of a meal for most foodies is the quintessential sweet dish that comes in the end. How many times have you heard, "I am saving space for dessert"? Especially when you are in Kolkata, the grand meal finale, should include Bengali sweets (whether you have a sweet tooth or not) because oh boy! These delicacies will simply melt your heart without giving you a chance to guard yourself away!


Prabhuji Haldiram Rosogolla

The round, white, spongy mishti, soaked in sugar syrup is a favorite amongst Bengalis. It is an icon of Bengali cuisine, leaving you craving for more.

Darbesh Laddu:


A classic Bengali delectable, it is a twin of the traditional Boondi laddu, but are they really same?? Darbesh Laddu contains Mawa which gives it a unique twist as compared to its lookalike.

Mishti Doi:


The delicate sweetness of this dessert will leave your taste buds to go “Hallelujah!” A perfect blend of milk, yogurt and coarse brown sugar, this delicacy is an instant favorite among all age group.



The list would be incomplete without the mention of this Bengali discovery. An unforgettable rendezvous, they are majorly prepared with cottage cheese and is one of the most versatile sweets in the sweetmeat industry. From pistachios to saffron to chocolate to even cheesecake, they can be presented with any filling as per your mood. (P.s. You can gobble them in one bite!)

Now that we have the list to choose from for our cheat days, let's see the places we can get the best of these Bengali sweets from! (there are many more such gastronomical marvels, and the list is far from being complete, but the following is simply our favorite)

Balaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick:

The whiff of sweet aroma will instantly catch your attention as soon as you step inside this heritage shop in Paddapukur, Bhawanipur. With the infinite variations of traditional sweets, you are surely not leaving the place empty-handed.

K.C.Das: Sweets in Kolkata are as old as its culture, and so is this one-stop shop for all dessert lovers. Located in the center of the city, it has been a favorite rasgolla shop among all ages.

Prabhuji Haldiram:

The traditional sweets have always been a pillar for Prabhuji Haldiram and they continue to be the cradle for delectable sweets. Haldiram Prabhuji sweets promise to stay in your hearts forever, their best sellers being Rosogollas and Darbesh Laddus. Oh, they have made it all the more convenient for you, by being online! Simply order at your own comfort and indulge in the world of sweetness.

Nalin Chandra Das and Sons:

Remaining consistent is a difficult task, but they make it look like a child’s play. One of the oldest in the sweetmeat industry, do not leave the place without tasting their Nolen Gur sweets!

These sweets and sweet shops are blessing in our lives, simply filling our soul with a happy feeling. So immediately sink your teeth in these sinful delights and experience the spirit of Bengal.