American Fruit Cake

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Candied fruits, nuts and spices soaked in the batter for a considerable duration of time to bring in the flavours. Soak in the joy of Christmas with American fruit cake box by Haldiram. Feel festive with every slice of this cake!


  • Yes

  • Self Raising Flour, Sugar, Milk, Edible vegetable oil (Cottonseed Oil) , Butter, Glycerine, Dehydrated fruits, Cashew, Baking powder INS 500(II), INS 450 (I), INS 341(I), INS 341(II), Emulsifier & Stabiliser (INS 471. INS 481, INS 415, INS 475, INS 412), Dextrose, Iodised Salt, Acidity Regulator (INS 300). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOURS- NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL(VANILLA) AND NATURE IDENTICAL(MILK). CONTAINS CLASS II PRESERVATIVE (INS 200 & INS 202)

  • FGBK0001