Cranberry Cake

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  • Self Raising Flour, Refined Sugar, Milk, Edible Vegetable Hydrogenated Oil, Edible Glycerine, WM Cranberry, Baking Powder INS E 500(10, INS E 34100 and INS E 341(11), Emulsifiers and Stabilizers INS E 471, INS E 481, INS E 415, INS E 475. INS E 412, Dextrose, Iodised Salt and Acidity Regulator INS E 300. CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOURS NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL (VANILLA) AND NATURE IDENTICAL (MILK) CONTAINS CLASS II PRESERVATIVE INS E 200 &INS E 202.

  • FGSW00

  • NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Typical Value Avg. qty. per 100g Energy kJ 1846.13 Energy kcal 440.94 Protein 6.46 g Total Fat 22.98 g Saturated Fat 6.83 g Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid 11.26 g Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid 4.88 g Trans Fat 0.00 g Total Carbohydrate 52.07 g auger 25.56 g Sodium 269.10 mg Cholesterol 3.86 mg All specified values are average. Product of India