Prabhuji Haldiram - Pj Gulab Khajur Barfi 200 Gms + Pj Milk Lachha 500 Gms

700 g | ` 340 `238 IN STOCK

Limited Period Offer: The perfect concoction of milk, sugar and lachha with Prabhuji’s milk lachha. Add it to your sweet dishes and desserts for an added excitement and flavour and more. Bond over bowls of kheer, phirni and other festival led food items with loved ones. Festivals are created for sweets and Prabhuji's Gulab Khajur Barfi epitomizing your taste and your day to perfection. Blended with the enriching flavors of honey and kaju, Gulab Khajur Barfi makes your sweet festival even sweeter. Order Prabhuji's Gulab Khajur Barfi online today and spread the festive joy of happiness.


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