Prabhuji Khatta Meetha 400 Gm

400 g | `75 IN STOCK

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The perfect balance of flavours that’s a joy for any palate! This sweet & sour mixture is made of a high quality assortment of gram pulses, lentil, flaked rice, sago, corn chips, peanuts mixed with curry leaves, red chillies, spices and lemon powder which give it its unique taste! Prabhuji Khatta Meetha is the perfect snack to munch on, anytime!


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  • Gram Pulses , Lentils , Flaked Rice , Sago , Corn Chips , Peanuts , Edible Vegetable Oil , Curry Leaves , Red Chillies , Sugar ,Iodised Salt , Spices & Lemon Powder . CONTAINS PERMITTED SYNTHETIC FOOD COLOUR (INS 102 AND INS 143 )

  • FG0494